Crystal Caves

by Matt Cooke

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released December 4, 2015

The Grand Marquis Band

Lead Vocals, Guitar - Matt Cooke
Lead Guitar - Tim Frank
Bass Guitar - Nick Frank
Drums - Dylan Vortman

Additional tracking -

Backing Vocals - Elise LeGrow
Lap Steel - James McKie
Additional - Matt Cooke
Engineering - Gavin Gardiner
Additional Engineering - Matt Cooke & Greg Giesbrecht
Mixing - Greg Giesbrecht
Mastering - Kristian Montano at Lacquer Channel Mastering



all rights reserved


Matt Cooke Toronto, Ontario

Jan 18th 2017 - Dakota Tavern

Jan 25th 2017 - Cameron House

More dates TBA

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Track Name: Wildheart
Wildheart, are you drawn to me?
Like a river to the sea
Wildheart, you take me at my worst,
But I've heard you love is a curse

When your ready, won't you let me know, when that feelin' sinks in
When your ready, c'mon and and let it show, ready to love again.

Wildheart, your a fools desire,
Ruby lips and eyes of fire
Wildheart, will you ever tame?
Or will you turn just like a hurricane

Somewhere on down the line, we will surely meet our maker
But I hope to find someone, so I don't die a heart breaker
Track Name: Maryanne
You took the words right outta my mouth
And the drink right outta my hand
My lungs were movin' in and out
I could just stare and stand

Burning a hole on the spot she stood
She quickly took my hand
She gave me fire and the night lit up
The radio played Roxanne

Sweet Maryanne, won't you take my hand
Its midnight again
Sweet Maryanne, won't you take my hand
And send you love on home with me

I heard the rumours through the vine
No one claimed to be your man
I took a shot just to get shot down
I could just stare and stand
Track Name: If You Know What I Mean
I was on the run but I could not recall what I was runnin' from
And so I turned around just to see what all the fuss was about

Turns out after all these miles
You were only right behind me
And after runnin' wild for so many days
It felt so good to give up the chase

If you know what I mean

I was runnin' wild, runnin' through those fields of green
I was runnin' through the night, with only the moonlight to guide me
Track Name: Is There Time
She's got a heartache and I've got a burden
She sings of angles behind door and curtain
Is there time for mothers anymore
Is blood still thicker then water?

I've got stories alive in my memories
And over supper I'll share what I can of these
Is there time for brothers anymore
Is blood still thicker then water?

I turned around with a bag in my hand
I was just a young man
My father he said to me, come back when you can

She's go a life she's worked so hard to get
Makes a good wife, a doctor and a friend
Is blood still thicker then water?

All that I know I learned in part from him
Taught me to play, to love and to sing
Is there time for fathers anymore
Is blood still thicker then water?
Track Name: Crystal Caves
The crystal caves, along the rocks, we'd go there on long walks, looked like a horse from far away
Passin' by the crashin' waves, we'd listen to the way they'd break
This is how we'd spend our days

With woes and whisky, I wander to the bridge
Murky water moves my spirit as I sit

One day we took your canoe sailed the ocean blue, went to Captain Kelly's grave
My mind at ease, a cool breeze, looking back toward the rugged sea
Now covered in a cloud of haze